The Colonial

The history of the house

The most ancient reference we have of this house, dates back to 1921, when the house was built on a plot on the corner between Bedmar alley and Castillo street. For decades, it belonged to the same family. The two floor and one attic on the roof top building was given different uses over the years: from an ophthalmology clinic on the second floor, to selling food products, a fabric store and eventually a painter’s workshop on the ground floor. However, in the past few years, the premises had seriously dilapidated since it had remained closed for a long period of time.

That was until we got here of course, when we saw its potential and we decided to bring it back to life.

Unique surroundings

We will help you discover our favourite spots, make the best plans and find the most scrumptious restaurants. We would like you to have the best experience possible while staying with us, have some beautiful memories, and yet leave things undone so you can come back another time.

Whether you are travelling just for a few days or staying for a while, in La Colonial Suites you will find the right spot for you, the best in the world.

The location of the apartments, next to the Square and the Espíritu Santo Chapel, is simply wonderful. This is one of the most noble and astonishing places in the historic centre of the city, and it represents times of splendour and progress that the city had during the first half of the 19th Century. The square is surrounded by the stunning facades of buildings that still preserve the taste and elegance of the past in Vegueta.

There is a fountain in the centre that is considered to be the first covered water fountain in Europe, covered by a monumental cupola and with a garden area. It was created by artist from Gran Canaria Manuel Ponce de León y Falcón thanks to popular financial funds in 1867.

The Espíritu Santo Chapel is next to it, unique for its simplicity and pure lines. It was built in 1615, and it worships the Cristo del Buen Fin. Every year on the eve of Good Friday, the members of its brotherhood dress in long red capes, and take the Christ out on a penitence procession. That is one of the most significant Easter moments on the island.


What’s on?

The Canarian Museum, Santa Ana Cathedral, Columbus House, the Modern Art Atlantic Centre and several charming churches, are just a few metres away from La Colonial Suites. Also, every Sunday there is a handcraft market all around the old streets, and different festivities are held in the Santa Ana Square area, like the Jazz Festival and Christmas Concert. Easter is also a must in this area.

A second chance

In La Colonial Suites, we believe in second chances. That is why, we try to be as aware as we can and leave as little an environmental footprint as possible in everything we do.

A good example of this can be seen in the fact that the furniture we used was hand-me-down furniture. We went to antique shops, markets and auctions, trying to rescue precious pieces that make this project all the more meaningful and your stay more authentic and cosy.

The furniture was restored by the fantastic team of the Obra Social, an initiative that offers a place and a job to those at risk of work and social exclusion. The result is so incredible that you just have to come and see it for yourself.


Sustainable purpose

At La Colonial Suites we have preserved not only the essence of the house, but also the structural elements that make it unique and that conform to the type of intelligent construction of the time. Its thick walls, its stone walls and its wooden ceilings are natural insulators that maintain the correct temperature inside.

That is why we did not want to install air conditioning. First of all, because it is not necessary. The size of the windows and their type of openings allow air to circulate generating currents that aerate the house from side to side. And secondly, because we have set a sustainability purpose for which we want to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

We know that many of those who visit us arrive by plane, a means of transport with a high environmental impact. Our commitment is to try in some way to compensate for this from your arrival at La Colonial Suites. Air conditioning devices, both air conditioning and heating, consume a lot of electrical energy. Hence our decision to do without them. It is a small gesture from a small establishment, but we are sure that it will help something and we hope that by choosing us as your accommodation, you will share this commitment with us. We thank you for that.

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