The Colonial Suites

La Colonial Suites is a house located in Vegueta, a unique spot, dating back to 1921. Vegueta is the historic centre, a foundational neighbourhood in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that still has the same colonial feeling about it that it once had, brimming with nostalgia.

The house has been turned into four charming and independent apartments, La Colonial Suites. The apartments suits modern urban luxury-loving travellers, willing to be impressed. It is perfect for those trying to get away from crowded places and who instead wish to find out the true essence of a city, in their own terms. Feeling at home, and yet with all the comforts of a boutique hotel.

The best way to figure out what real paced life is about in the historic centre of Vegueta is to do it from La Colonial Suites.

Remote workers

Gran Canaria is an unbeatable destination to remote work or travel while you’re remote working. Long beaches for you to enjoy, unique landscapes and the best weather in the world all year round, which helps you do your favourite sports outdoors, visit the sights and get to know truly kind people and take in their culture. All of it with European standards of education, health and safety, along with a lifestyle that offers value for money.

In the past few years, it has become the main hub in the Atlantic area, highly connected and with state-of-the-art broadband, better even than the average in Europe.

If you’re thinking about temporarily moving to Gran Canaria and remote work from here, staying in La Colonial Suites is your chance to blend into a community of remote workers and local life.


Peter and Domini | 🇬🇧 (United Kingdom)

What a lovely place to stay! Many thanks!

4 March 2023

Emily and Gregor | 🇬🇧 (United Kingdom)

Many thanks for the wonderful stay in your beautiful apartment. We really enjoyed our time here!

1 March 2023

José Antonio | 🇪🇸 (Spain)

Congratulations for what you have achieved. With such a comprehensive reform, which I have also been told that the decoration has been on your account. I wish you all the luck in this venture and many years of enjoyment. Big hugs.

27 February 2023

Rasmus and Josefin | 🇸🇪 (Sweden)

It’s been an amazing time here! Lovely room, staff and area! Would recommend this to anyone 10/10.

21 February 2023

James and Danielle | 🇬🇧 (United Kingdom)

Thanks for the opportunity to stay in this breathtaking apartment whilst we explore your beautiful city. We have made many cherished memories.

20 February 2023

Ludwig and Ulrike | 🇩🇪 (Germany)

We had such a relaxing and enjoyable time! Tears of farewell. For your good taste and support! Thank you very much for this.

11 February 2023

Torbon and Maria | 🇩🇰 (Denmark)

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed staying in your amazing place. Wishing you all the best.

10 February 2023

Greta and Gunni | 🇮🇸 (Iceland)

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay at this magical place! We loved it! Hope to back one day! All the best to you.

8 February 2023

Mila | 🇮🇹 (Italy)

Thank you for everything. Beautiful house on a beautiful island. Recently restored respecting the history of the place. With very good taste. Thank you for your hospitality. We hope to see you in Italy.

4 February 2023

Isa | 🇳🇱 (Netherlands)

I love everything! See you soon.

12 January 2023

Kate and family | 🇱🇻 (Latvia)

Thank you very much, it was amazing to stay here. Hope we come back soon. And you are welcome to Latvia!

6 January 2023

Family Seth | 🇳🇱 (Netherlands)

It was a lovely experience staying at this place full of character! Really pleased with this place and all the best for future. Happy New year from us.

26 December 2022

Denis and Marina | 🇫🇷 (France)

Excellent, we stayed in the suites in a nice location in the historic centre. Merry Christmas.

18 December 2022

Nuria | 🇪🇸 (Spain)

We have been very comfortable, the island has pleasantly surprised me. Thank you very much for everything and good luck with your new bet!

8 December 2022

Hans | 🇸🇪 (Sweden)

Thank you so much for a lovely experience and stay at your beautiful hotel! So cosy, beautifully decorated, and (very important good beds!)

We had a wonderful time here and hope to be back soon! All the best.

7 December 2022

Maria, Oeyvind y Stella | 🇳🇴 (Norway)

On behalf of the family, I would like to give my biggest thank you for all your kindness and for the beautiful apartment that we are so grateful we stayed in. Gran Canaria would not be the same without! You are welcome to stay in our home if you come to Oslo sometime. See you next time!

6 december 2022

Julia | 🇩🇪 (Germany)

Thank you so much for this lovely stay. It’s been a dream. When coming back, I’d definitely go right back here. Also, is it possible to take the apartment home? Just kidding. Thank you for this wonderful experience! You created something special. Best.

4 december 2022

Thorbjorn y Tai | 🇳🇴 (Norway)

Dear La Colonial. You really have made a beautiful place! We loved every minute of staying here and we thank you so much for all the great advice and help with such perfect restaurants in the neighborhood. We will recommend it to our friends and will love to come back! All de best!

28 november 2022

Erik y Alex | 🇬🇧 (England)

You have been wonderful! For real! We will return for sure! A hug!

13 november 2022

Gina | 🇩🇪 (Germany)

The place to stay in Las Palmas, We were amazed by how beautiful this apartment is! So pretty! Also the rooftop pool is very nice. It‘s only small but we liked it. It‘s in the city where you can find many sweet little streets with beautiful old buildings and lots and lots of restaurants – everything you need is nearby. The hosts are so nice! The lady was waiting for us to give us the keys. They even organised a taxi transfer from the airport for us. Communication was very easy via WhatsApp. They also let us have a late Check-out so we could leave our luggage in the apartment the whole day. The host even came to give us an extra late check-out key. We loved it and can definitely recommend!

7 november 2022

Faid y Annika | 🇩🇪 (Germany)

Thanks a lot for this nice experience at your nice apartment. We will be back as soon as possible


6 november 2022

Emiliano | 🇲🇽 (Mexico)

Thank you very much for opening your doors to us and letting us live even for a little while in an incredible place cared for by even more incredible people. Congratulations on this great place! All your efforts were well worth it! I wish you all the best and hopefully I can return very very soon.

5 november 2022

Fernando | 🇪🇸 (Spain)

Located in the old town of Las Palmas, a quiet area, with all kinds of services nearby (bars, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, taxis, public transport). The treatment of the staff has been unbeatable, it is an excellent service and they make you feel at home at all times. The rooms are the perfect size and the rooftop pool is top notch. If I return to Las Palmas, I know where to stay.

30 october 2022

Palle | 🇪🇸 (Spain)

Get the feel for Vegueta! the owner were number one in all dimensions

29 october 2022

Romanni | 🇲🇽 (Mexico)

They say that one ends up knowing people by how they say goodbye and you have done it with great generosity. Since our arrival your attention has been like this. I leave grateful and with a beautiful memory of this site. Best wishes to you! Road walked! Thank you

23 october 2022

Dalia | 🇲🇽 (Mexico)

Thank you for receiving us so incredible, for your attention, for your kindness and for being such beautiful people.

20 october 2022

Renata | 🇲🇽 (Mexico)

Thank you infinite for receiving us at home. I’m going to miss you. Long live the Colonial!

10 july 2022

Miguel | 🇪🇸 (Spain)

Thank you for this place with exquisite taste, a special charm and wonderful people. A kiss from Michael. I hope to come back soon.

10 july 2022

Mónica | 🇮🇹 (Italy)

The structure is wonderful, we stayed 3 nights in the attic with a personal terrace, every comfort is available, from Smart TV to coffee capsules, room cleaning every day with impeccable towel change, unique and refined details of the house. Thanks so much for the welcome.

25 june 2022

Iñaki | 🇪🇸 (Spain)

We stayed in the apartment for four days, very well located next to the cathedral, and a very quiet area. The apartment is very nice, very clean and the attention of both the owners and the staff is very good. We will definitely return when we have to travel to Las Palmas.

1 May 2022

Emma | 🇨🇦 (Canada)

It was so nice staying in your beautiful “castillo”. May many more customers feel as good as we did in it 🙂 It is indeed filled with your good vibes!

Big hug xx.

29 marzo 2022

Janice | 🇺🇸 (EEUU)

Thank you for a fabulous place and being the kindest people. I loved it and will recommend to all and hopefully be back sometime soon.

23 marzo 2022

Jason | 🇬🇧 (United Kingdom)

Thank you for being such lovely hosts!

9 marzo 2022

Peder and Freja | 🇩🇰 (Denmark)

Thanks for being great hosts and creating a nice oasis in Gran Canaria.

I have 3 sons back home so it was an absolute delight to be alone with my girlfriend for 6 days here… So thanks for a lovely and romantic pause at your place. All the best.

5 enero 2022

Luci | 🇧🇷 (Brazil)

Quero deixar registrar minha gratidão, me senti acolhida de todas as maneiras possíveis! Nas suítes La Colonial você tem uma “casa” para passoar que veem de qualquer parte do mundo. Eu recomendo o seu lugar, porque tem amor. Gracias!

31 diciembre 2021

Paula y Pablo | 🇮🇨 (Canary Islands)

Aunque haya sido de rebote tenemos claro que no podríamos haber acabado en un sitio mejor. Estancia maravillosa con personas increíbles que consiguen que acabemos el año bastante relajados. Gracias por la atención y preocupación para que todo estuviese perfecto.

Nos alegra haber formado parte de los primeros meses de este maravilloso proyecto. Sentirse como en casa no se consigue en cualquier lado. Cada espacio está muy cuidado y lleno de magia. Solo podemos darles una y mil veces las gracias. Ha sido un placer, esperamos volver.

Feliz 2022 lleno de éxito y salud,

28 diciembre 2021

Marce y Patricia | 🇪🇸 (Madrid)

Muchísimas gracias por estos días. Ha sido maravilloso ser partícipes de estos primeros momentos de este proyecto de la colonial. Hemos estado como en casa pero a la vez de vacaciones en un entorno precioso y fantástico. Seguid con este espíritu y estas ganas de hacer bien las cosas y seguro que haréis felices a mucha gente. Un abrazo muy muy fuerte.

8 diciembre 2021

Bea | 🇪🇸 (Madrid)

Gracias por todo! Habéis creado algo mágico y especial, el éxito está asegurado.

8 diciembre 2021

Sara, Cris y Ansel | 🇮🇨 (Canary Islands)

Un sueño cumplido. Habéis respetado el alma del edificio y a la vez lo han colmado de belleza, el cariño por el detalle, el mimo de su ladrillo visto, el gusto por las texturas, el aires de sus techos altos, la imponente escalera de hierro que no se sabe bien si fue forjada en una fragua o al calor de vuestras intenciones. La paz, el sosiego, el ritmo lento…Esos intangibles que no se pueden adquirir en anticuarios… y al final la luz, siempre la luz, como las que penden de esas maravillosas lámparas y de vuestras miradas al comprobar el resultado de lo que se ha construido a la altura de los corazones. Enhorabuena y muchas felicidades!!! Y muchas gracias también por compartir este hermoso lugar con nosotros.

6 diciembre 2021

Helen, Leona and Jon | 🇳🇴 (Norway)

Thanks for letting us stay at La Colonial. It was perfect and made our days in Las Palmas worthwhile. You have done a great job with the apartments. They are really beautiful and cool. We loved it. And also thanks for all the recommendations and help. Whenever back in Las Palmas we know where to stay (and so will our friends)  love and all the best!

20 noviembre 2021

Luci (De andar por casas) | 🇮🇨 (Canary Islands)

Un día decidí abrir un blog en el que hablar y mostrar cosas bellas. Cuando vi este lugar en Instagram tenía claro que debería estar. Un remanso de paz en el centro histórico de la ciudad que amo. Mis mejores deseos a La Colonial

7 noviembre 2021

Javier 🇪🇸 (Sevilla)

Nos vamos con mucha pena pues pasaríamos aquí una vida entera… hemos perdido en una noche… 20 años! gracias!

20 noviembre 2021

Patri (@disfrutagrancanaria) | 🇮🇨 (Canary Islands)

En el centro de Vegueta, aparece esta casa antigua reconvertida en 4 apartamentos de lujo. Durante la reforma, que duró 2 años, fueron restaurando muebles antiguos que trajeron de todas partes del ?, y eligiendo piezas especiales, haciendo que cada mesa, silla o puerta, sean únicas ✨. Cada habitación te recuerda a un lugar diferente, un riad de Marruecos, Paris o La Habana ✈️ . Su punto estrella, es la piscina del ático, que es común para los 4 apartamentos. A pesar de tener vistas al corazón de Vegueta, hace que te transportes a uno de esos hoteles que ves en instagram en las islas griegas ??.

Sin duda, es un lugar mágico, el cual he tenido la suerte de disfrutar. Es ideal para una ocasión especial.

3 noviembre 2021

Siria (@sirimar4) | 🇮🇨 (Canary Islands)

Paseando por Vegueta, descubrí la casa donde vivió mi familia y nací. Qué sorpresa, se ha convertido en “La Colonial Suites”, en la calle Castillo esquina con el callejón con mucho sabor, Bedmar. Allí está la puerta principal, es preciosa y te traslada a una calle Marroquí. Sus dueños han sabido mezclar diferentes estilos. Han recuperado con gusto muebles y detalles con historia.

Han construido 4 viviendas vacacionales únicas con una zona común para refrescarte y soñar. No podía perder la ocasión, acabo de disfrutar de la vivienda “Ático”.

Me he sentido acogida, cómoda, encantada. Volveré. Tiene magia

30 octubre 2021

Layla (@lay.ladylay) | 🇺🇸 (EEUU)

I would love to take a helicopter ride above this city to see all the gorgeous rooftop life we can’t see below. This picture perfect pool can be found at @lacolonialsuites in Vegueta and is ready and waiting for you to take a dip.

@lacolonialsuites has style fit for the cover of a magazine. They restored this house from 1921 with so much respect for it’s history and there is a story in every hidden detail.

From floor to ceiling, front door to balcony door, bath to pool, there is so much to enjoy here.

17 octubre 2021

Elise (@travel_gran_canaria) | 🇮🇨 (Canary Islands)

A new boutique hotel in the centre of Vegueta. A mix between industrial and historical gives it the perfect touch. Different rooms all with something special. A shared rooftop with pool with amazing views to the cathedral. Definitely worth a stay if you ask me.

16 octubre 2021

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